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PurposeRegarding the time and method of collecting certificates for graduates in Semester1, 2020


1. Please be aware of:

1.1 Complete procedure of student status termination online: Individuals must enter “Procedure of Student Status Termination” in PORTAL.

1.2 Fill in the “Student Status Termination Form”: Download via PORTAL/ procedure of student status termination, or retrieve at


1.3 Please bring the completed “Student Status Termination Form” and student ID card for collecting the certificate; an attorney’s ID card must be checked when being authorized for another.


1.4 Students who take minor study, double majors or education program but lack of insufficient credits shall submit an abandon statement at least a month prior to receiving the certificate or will be considered as not entitle to graduate and receive no certificate.


2. How to collect and other related matters:

2.1 For postgraduate students:

 Postgraduate students who have passed the oral defense shall upload it online by Jan. 29th 2021, fail to do so will delay the graduation until next semester. Also, individuals must submit at least 2 copies of thesis for graduation (watermark required, and the exact number of copy depends on the department) and 1 paper of authority with signature with a blue pen to the office of individual department, and have the department staff to log in the score of the thesis. Please to visit

 Once the department staff has submitted the thesis score, postgraduate students qualified to graduation can collect the certificate at the Service Desk of Office of Academic Affairs 2 days later (For example, the score was submitted on July 8th, the certificate can be collected on July 10th).


2.2 For undergraduate students:

 To be collected for all: Qualified graduates collect the certificate on Feb. 4th, 2021, 10:00AM-16:00PM., in Room 1209, 2th floor, Building 1.

 If individuals fail to collect within above time frame, please bring the Student Status Termination Form and student ID card and collect the certificate every Monday to Thursday, 01:30PM -04:00PM , in Room 1209, 2th floor, Building 1.


3. Call Registration Section at 03-4638800 for more information

Ext.2252   Service Desk

Ext.2253  College of Informatics, College of Humanities and Social Science

Ext.2254   College of Management

Ext.2931   College of Engineering, College of Electrical and Communication Engineering

Registration SectionOffice of Academic Affairs


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