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BioTech – A new era of excellence in multidisciplinary research and development

A new concept of multidisciplinary training
Biotechnology has been around since the beginning of history. However, modern biotechnology allows scientists to study biological and biomedical sciences in the molecular levels with the state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The development of biotechnology and related industry has now been visible and the focus of biotechnology has also moved on the aspects of products and processes. These aspects of modern biotechnology industry require multidisciplinary training in fundamental and applied sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc. Therefore, YZU set up a new program in 2003 to incorporate faculties with various research interests and experiences related to biotechnology. The program also offers the training of biological sciences to students at YZU.

Feature of Development  
The graduate school offers MS program in biotechnology and engineering. There are 15 students enroll in the program every school year. Currently, the school has 5 faculties and 8 adjunct faculties from the college of engineering and far eastern memorial hospital. The school is still actively recruiting new faculties with various backgrounds in biological sciences and bioprocessing engineering. The school is located in Building II in the scenic Yuan Ze main campus with a total area of about 800 m2 which consists biochemical engineering lab, microbial genetics and genomic lab, microbial physiology and biochemistry lab, general biotechnology lab, cell culture room, bioprocess engineering and energy lab, plant physiology and culture lab and a main office.

Research Features
The College emphasizes on the teaching and research on fundamental as well as applied biological sciences and biotechnological processes and products. The laboratories in this school will offer an open and well-equipped environment to support all the bio-related researches at YZU.  The school will base on the research strengths of the colleges of engineering and develop a strong collaboration with the R&D activities of the Far-Eastern Group. The school is now well funded by several funding agents including National Science Council, Minister of Economics and many industry parties. In the past four years, the funding of this school has exceeded NT$ 45 millions. Through these activities, the BioTech school at YZU will become a unique center among bio-related programs in Taiwan.

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